Welcome! Nice to meet you! My name is Tinnei ["tin-nae"]. I'm currently a designer at Mercari! Previously, product designer at Apcera (acquired by Ericsson). Always making tech more intuitive for our users.

Before the designer life, I studied Computer Science in UC Berkeley, interested in computer graphics, machine learning, and 3D animation. And before Berkeley, I was an explorer living a tiny city in the east called Macau, where I grew up drawing all day and catching sunsets with my camera.

Now I spent a lot of my time designing, building for many things: user experiences, story telling through illustrations, fashion, and other random life design problems ;) eg: I created a crowdsourced spreadsheet for best SF cafes with my friends.

You can always find me at my fav cafe making art, or up in the hill watching birds. And my secret life here.

Enough about me, tell me more about you! Feel free to catch me at: